Each team* will present their concepts to a panel of judges at the end of the hackathon on Saturday afternoon, October 15th.
The judges will evaluate the concepts based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity & innovativeness
  • Feasibility
  • Scalability
  • User experience
  • Relevance
  • Use of data


Besides (priceless) eternal fame, there are three awards and three special extra prizes to be won by your team*!

The awards:

The team* with the highest scores receives € 1000. € 500 will be granted to the team* with the most innovative concept. Another € 500 will be granted to the team* that comes up with a concept that has the best potential to be realised.

Extra prizes:

A special invitation to a Masterclass Data Science, organized by the renowned Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, to be won by the team* that, according to the jury, has made use of the available (or self-collected) data in the best and most creative way possible.

The ITS Bureau (challenge owner of Challenge #1) will be awarding the team* with the overall best entry at The Next Mobility Hack with a Fun Mobility Experience‘: a demo ride at their case project “Phantom Jams A58” and a visit to the Innovation Centre in Helmond.

On top of that, immediately after the event the hackathon leader and coaches will choose (based on their observations) the ‘Ultimate Hacker‘…! He or she will be entitled to a trip to participate at the ‎Y4PT Global ‪‎Transport ‪‎Hackathon ‎Montreal 2017 – the first ever global transport hackathon – in the framework of the 62th ‪‎UITP Global ‪‎PublicTransport Summit Montreal 2017 – the world’s oldest and leading ‪sustainable mobility event!



Tessa Cramer

The future is in flux and Tessa Cramer‘s quest is to show you around. As a future-minded academic, curiosity, depth and interdisciplinary are the root of what I do. In my work there are two recurrent themes: 1. keep asking relevant questions and 2. help guiding others to navigate complex and unexpected futures. I do this by showing universities, ministries and companies how they can use futures tools in their own contexts.


Christophe van der Maat

Christophe van der Maat studied public administration and international law in Tilburg. In May 2016 he became vice-governor and deputy Mobility for the province of Noord-Brabant on behalf of the VVD. In 2012 he was elected as Young Officer of the Year. As vice-governor Christophe van der Maat is responsible for the public transport and the provincial infrastructure in Noord-Brabant. He is convinced of the importance of developing smart mobility solutions and has the ambition to create the most intelligent motorway of Europe in Brabant. Christophe is married and lives in Breda.


Cassandra Vugts

Cassandra Vugts is managing director at Innovation Campus SPARK. SPARK is the first cross-over ever in technology and innovation in a residential area. SPARKs ideas make urban environments more sustainable, safer and healthier by connecting knowledge, testing labs, startups and technology to each other. SPARK is a sparkling network of creativity and knowledge.


Carlo van de Weijer

Carlo van de Weijer has a Master degree in Mechanical Engineer from the University of Technology in Eindhoven and a PhD degree from Technical University in Graz. He started his career in 1990 at TNO Automotive, moved to SiemensVDO in 2001 to head the Eindhoven automotive navigation development lab, since 2007 part of TomTom. Currently, Dr. Van de Weijer is director of the Strategic Area Smart Mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology, alongside his work for TomTom. He is, amongst others, board member of ITS Netherlands, AutomotiveNL and the EU ITS Action Plan Advisory Board and member of the supervisory board of several hightech companies.

* Each team consist of a maximum of 5 participants