Fun commute

Make travelling fun again, improve the travellers’ experience

Challenge owners: Province Noord-Brabant, ITS Bureau
Pitcher: Astrid Zwegers
Area: North Brabant

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What’s the problem?

Many people still prefer their car when it comes to travelling. Because of that, we suffer from traffic congestion, detours, parking issues and delays. It is hard to keep motorists up to date and to entice them to change their travelling behaviour. But it’s even harder to determine your transit time and to combine options like car, train and bike on one trip.

A piece of background information:

Nowadays, there are apps and websites that provide us with detailed travel information on delays and inconveniences, that suggest alternative options or try to affect our travel behaviour. Smart information tools to be used in cars are supplied through the commercial market. It’s the road authority though (like Rijkswaterstaat and the Province) that mostly arrive first on the scene and therefore are the first to have information on delays and disruptions. The Dutch public transport companies have associated in platforms (like 9292). The development of self-driving vehicles by the automotive industry is accelerating. And the individual customer demands more and more freedom of choice and flexibility, and ultimately wants a custom journey regardless of the means of transport.

What’s the challenge?

What kind of data does the road authority need to provide to affect the travellers’ experience positively? What traveller needs are to be met? And how can we match that with reality? In other words: how can the use of data and information technology make the road authority achieve actual smart mobility in North Brabant? And how can the road authority make sure these data are being used to develop scalable, transmissible and continuous mobility services?


Parking information
Traffic lights information